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Riley Derrick

Riley is the eponym for the Riley Melt sandwich, a sixth generation Oregonian, precinct committee person for the Democratic Party and a supervisor at Costco wholesale. Creative and outgoing, he has worked as president of a local social club, sat on the board of directors for a successful nonprofit, interned for a United States Senator and developed a number of comedic characters which he has presented at different gatherings. For a period of time, Riley was even a volunteer weather spotter for the National Weather Service. Always interested in current events, Riley has written several letters which have been published in the Register Guard newspaper.

Riley is a proud supporter of many different organizations and causes; including, Meals on Wheels, KLCC, ASPCA, the Prostate Cancer Foundation and the Nature Conservancy just to name a few. Support for these organizations is rooted in his strong belief in community and kindness. For Thomas Merton once said, “It is therefore of supreme importance that we consent to live not for ourselves but for others". 

Riley is well informed on local history and enjoys having the opportunity to share his knowledge with others. He is always on the lookout for documents or books that might shed more light on local subjects. In his free time Riley also enjoys working on creative projects, hosting parties, stargazing, beach-combing and spending time with his family and friends.