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Photo Lab Supervisor
Time in current position: February 2019 - Present
Total time with Costco Wholesale:
18+ years

The job of Photo Lab Supervisor includes the direction, coordination and general management of the photo center and photo center employees. When necessary, the Photo Lab Supervisor will oversee and direct other areas of the warehouse. In the past the roll of Photo Lab Supervisor was filled by a salaried manager position.

More specifically I perform a variety of tasks that include the following.

  • Schedules, develops, counsels, trains and directs department personnel.

  • Makes recommendations for hiring, promotion and termination to Warehouse Manager.

  • Develops and implements sales and expense plan for department. Reviews sales, expenses, and productivity figures.

  • Develops department sales focuses.

  • Monitors department profit and loss, adjusting the sales plan as necessary.

  • Drafts and participates in delivery of employee performance evaluations.

  • Implements and upholds safety and security procedures.

  • Creation of promotional material for seasonal sales opportunities.

  • Assist other departments with the creation and printing of promotional materials.

  • Administers and maintains legally required documentation of annual department specific OSHA and Hazardous Waste Training.

  • Writes Photo Center schedule based on budget and sales projections.

  • Observes employee performance and paperwork to ensure proper department production and cash handling procedures.

  • Coordination of breaks and lunches

  • Coordinates proper maintenance and repairs. Assists in product testing and trials.

  • Purchases supplies and ensures that the department is stocked.

  • Participates in on-line training, continuing education and conference calls.

  • Managing within the law training, Sexual Harassment training, HR Workshop training all current and completed 2019

  • Adult First Aid/CPR/AED Certification (American Red Cross)

Costco Wholesale

Front-End Supervisor: August 2015 – February 2019 

The job of Front-End Supervisor includes overseeing and coordinating activities for employees, management of ownership areas, upholding standards of the Front-End Department as well as promoting a high level of productivity and member service while balancing the needs of the business. 

In this position I performed a variety of tasks that include the following.

  • Management of register system maintenance. Including the installation, repair, cleaning, purchasing and programing of register system equipment. Fall 2017 - February 2019

  • Management of "E-Rev" Team (an eight person team responsible for in-house promotion of Costco Services). Spring 2017 - Spring 2018

  • Management of high-end merchandise control area. Spring 2016 - Spring of 2017

  • Creation of promotional materials for in-house eBlock campaigns (Spring 2017, Summer 2018, Winter 2018)

  • Execute computer duties related to the register system.

  • Determine number of registers needed to accommodate members and maintain productivity.

  • Coordinate employee breaks, lunches, and extra tasks.

  • Coordinate with other departments to cover shifts; providing help with requests.

  • Help to keep registers running smoothly by approving fund increases, verifying prices and approving checks.

  • Observe employees, provide encouragement, advice, feedback and training to help our front end employees be more successful.

  • Perform support duties for front end management team as well as daily opening and closing procedures.

  • Write yearly performance reviews for Front-End employees. Hold meetings to discuss these reviews with the individual employees.

  • Work to develop my direct subordinates into future leaders of our company by providing coaching and holding career goal conversations.

  • Perform audits of merchandise.

  • Management of warehouse digital slide show. 2015 - 2017

  • Communicate with our employees to ensure the success of promotional events by creating signage and informative material.

  • Managing within the law training, Sexual Harassment training, HR Workshop training all current and completed 2017

  • Adult First Aid/CPR/AED Certification (American Red Cross)

Consistency is an important part of the conversations I have with our Front-End employees. By communicating with all employees our standards and practices, in an immediate and consistent manner, I provided our employees a stable environment in which to work and our business its best chance to succeed.

Costco Wholesale

Temporary Majors Department Supervisor: October 2018 – November 2018  

Costco Wholesale
Service Assistant: October 2000 – August 2015 (14 years 11 months)

Positions held include:
Full-time Majors (Electronics & Small Appliances) sales assistant
Full-time Temporary Merchandising nights
Part-time Majors (Electronics & Small Appliances) sales assistant
Part-time Gas Station assistant

Work experience in the following departments: 
Cart Pusher
Cashier Assistant
Member Service
Gas Station
Majors Sales
Merchandising Mornings
Merchandising Nights
Optical (training)

  • Self taught, extensive knowledge of Costco merchandise system.

  • Assisted in the creation of promotional material for various events.

  • 501(c)(7) Employee Club President (1 year)

  • Worked closely with loss prevention officers from beginning to end of loss events.

Honors & Awards

Certificate of Service Excellence for Outstanding Member Service
March 2015
Issued by: Northwest Regional Office of Costco Wholesale

Certificate of Achievement: Completion of Costco University's Leadership Development Program 101 (LD101)
Costco LD101 is a 32-hour course that covers leadership
principles based on Costco’s Code of Ethics.

Issued by: Northwest Regional Office of Costco Wholesale


Appreciation of Great Performance with E-Block
April 2013
Issued by: Northwest Regional Office of Costco Wholesale

Appreciation of Outstanding Performance with E-Block
August 2013
Issued by: Northwest Regional Office of Costco Wholesale


Employee Appreciation Notice(s) and Member Comments
June 2019, “Riley in photo service was very helpful and patient with me.
February 2006, "Riley went above and beyond..."
March 2008, "Member expressed appreciation toward Riley's knowledge and personality."
March 2009, "Riley was a great help."
June 2009, "Riley was extremely helpful and answered all my questions"
January 2010, "Two positive member comments within last 2 months."
April 2011, "Taking on extra job duties, and helping out wherever needed."
May 2012, "Going above and beyond in member service"
October 2014, "Thank you so much Riley for continuing to go above and beyond everyday!"
Issued by: Eugene Warehouse Department Level Managers/Supervisors

Certificate of Service Excellence for Outstanding Member Service
March 2012
Issued by: Northwest Regional Office of Costco Wholesale